Kegal Exercises: Are they really necessary?

Throughout my research about birth I am continuity confronted with the topic of Kegal exercises as preparation for childbirth and postpartum recovery. I rarely, if not ever, put any weight on these exercises and just though it as an unnecessary practice only the super fanatical did.
Well, I have learned my lesson and I hope to help others take the matter more seriously. I am still only about 3 weeks postpartum now and know that the situation will improve with time, but I am experiences a case of uterine/cervical prolapse. This is when the uterus/cervix dips down into your vagina (to varying degrees) and in very sever cases, out of the vagina all together. Most woman that experiences it though only have a slight prolapse. This is usually cause by weak muscles supporting the uterus/cervix. In my case, I am almost certain that it was brought on by my first birth and then exacerbated by the final phase of my second birth (birth story still to come). I am currently still on partial bed rest and having to do Kegal exercises as often as possible which makes caring for my family a bit tougher than I ever anticipated with a vaginal birth.
Avoid postpartum issues by doing the leg work during the time when you don’t have a newborn to care for. I was so ready to have my pregnancy over because I was uncomfortable having no idea that the discomfort I would feel postpartum would make being pregnant seem like a walk in the park.
Kegal exercises can also help with avoiding or mitigating:

  • Urinary incontinences
  • Hemorrhoids


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