There is a Bible verse that says “haste makes mistakes”. Judgment falls into this. When we judge, we make the assumption that we are or will do things differently.

In childbirth and parenting we usually judge before actually having first hands experience. We watch “A Baby Story” and say to ourselves “that will never be me”. I will never be the woman screaming in pain. I will never be the lady that births in a pool. I’ll never have C-Section, or an epidural. I will do it natural; I will be in control.

In parenting, we do the same thing. We have goods intentions by planning and believing, but often times our beliefs turn into ammunition for judging someone else’s.

It is only after we have had our butts tossed off our high horse that we find humility.

To clarify, I am not saying to not have standards or make provisions. Do! Just be sure that yours don’t become a weapon.  I personally have learned this lesson the hard way. I now have learned and choose to not live in the world of “elite” thinking. I now live in the world of knowledge with chose.

My goal as a soon to be childbirth educator will be just that. Give people the knowledge but then give them the freedom from judgment to chose. Chose for themselves what is best or what just makes them more comfortable.

Losing the judgment allows for you and others to make mistakes with out being shamed in the process.

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