12 Week 4 Days with Baby # 3

12 Weeks 4 Days # 3Being pregnancy with your third baby is not like being pregnant with your first.

For instance with you 1st you take pictures of your belly even before you have a belly and at every week after that. With not your 1st, you are lucky to have any proof of you actually carrying a baby. Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating but I had to force myself to take the second to go outside to get this picture.

Time also passes very differently with your subsequent pregnancies. The first time around you think that due date will never come. This time around I think to myself how time has flown by already (of course, I didn’t think that a few weeks ago when I couldn’t even look at food without getting sick).

Your focus is in a very different place. Sometimes I forget that I am pregnant. I have to remind myself not to do this or that because I am expecting. It is easy to get distracted when you have two toddlers running around sticking their hands in the paint tray as you frantically try to paint their room while no one is melting down.

One thing that has also changed with each new pregnancy… how much more attached I feel sooner. With my first, it was sometimes difficult to get my mind around a baby in my tummy, but once you have that precious baby in your arms, it becomes so wonderfully real. Now I see each new pregnancy as a new baby in our family, not just a baby in my tummy. I am not saying I loved the first one less during pregnancy, but I was not as attached until he came out.

I am so excited to be expecting another blessing from the Lord and cannot wait to meet him or her in just a few short months.

I am in good company with many friends and family members all due around the same time. I love sharing these moments with them and encouraging those first time moms to make every moment count. My oldest in only 3 and my youngest 18 months, but the time passes quickly. Don’t rush through any moment. They are all gifts!

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