5 Reasons attending childbirth classes are so important


Many first time parents feel that attending a childbirth education class is just not necessary. Either they have read all the latest childbirth books and believe that is all there is to know, or they just plan on getting an epidural and trusting the doctors and nurses to do the rest.

Both of these reasons are not good. Sorry.

The first reason is not good because, while childbirth books do provide a lot of information, it is not personal to you and your partner. It cannot ask you questions, delve into your minds, and find a plan that work specifically for you.

The second reason is not a good one because, while doctors and nurses are trained in a lot of things, normal birth is not one of them. You might think that all you are getting is an epidural, but you may find yourself caught in a whirlwind of interventions that seriously increases your risk of major surgery.

5. Learn how to work with your partner to optimize your birth experience:

Birth is a beautiful process, and many woman are prepared to go into it and have a specific plan to back them up. Many woman just assume that hubby is right there with them. I mean, he is not having to do it, so why should it matter. It matters! Many dads to be are not prepared for what labor and delivery will have in store from them. An unprepared man can find themselves in a very uncomfortable place watching a very unique process happen to his lady. They can feel scared, overwhelmed and left out.

During childbirth classes, your partner will be learning the things you might already know in a fun and interactive environment with other guys. You will learn how to work together so that both of you enjoy the process of birth and no one gets overlooked.

4. Be in an environment that promotes a healthy view of pregnancy and childbirth

So many TV shows, movies and stories portray an extremely negative image of childbirth. Many people decide to choice a natural birth and are faced with comments like “we’ll see”, “you can’t do it”. If you decide to take an alternative childbirth route like midwife, birth center or home you will get bombarded with “worried” family, friends and doctors that tell you that your decision is selfish and dangerous (despite what studies say).

In Open Arms Childbirth classes you will find you are surrounded by other supportive couples that share your belief that birth is normal. This can lead to friendships outside the class, people who can be a shoulder to lean on when others might think you are crazy.

3. Decrease your labor length and pain

Horror stories of 24 hour labors with contractions that felt like your insides were ripping apart are no new thing. In fact, they are more prevalent today because of TV “reality” shows that depict labor as dangerous and excruciating. But thousands of woman that birth their babies naturally with a plan will tell you how empowering their birth was and how they would do it again in a heartbeat. Now while the first might make for better TV, the second is what I think most woman would prefer.

In childbirth education classes you will learn how to actually shorten your labor and decrease pain. This only comes with technique and practice and it is difficult to learn these and understand their serious importance in a book.

2. Drastically reduces your risk of unnecessary intervention

Wonder why the US C-section rate is 1 in 3 woman? Is it because today’s woman has some how fundamentally changed to be less able to give birth? Absoluely not! The ability to give birth is born in every single woman and in about 80% of births, this means that no intervention is necessary. No Pitocin, no vacuum, and no C-section. But how do you avoid become a statistic. Even if you don’t end up in major surgery, everything that takes place in birth is important and no decision should be made lightly.

In Open Arms classes you will learn what interventions are used for, when they should and shouldn’t be used, how to avoid these from happening, and becoming the active leader in your labor.

1. Knowledge helps you decide what is right for you

Not every woman is the same, will labor the same, has the same beliefs, desires or preferences. One may decide to birth at home with a midwife while another feels more comfortable birthing at a hospital with a doctor. But how do you know what is the right choice for you if the only choice you have ever know was been the traditional hospital/doctor combo?

In Open Arms classes you will learn ALL your options. You will be taught the risk and benefits of each option and build your confidence that the decisions you make are the best for you. There is not a “right” way to birth and you will find support and encouragement in whatever way you choose.

Now that you know why childbirth classes are so important, sign up today for our next class, starting February 6th at 7pm in Georgetown Texas.

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