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The BirthWorks® Childbirth Preparation Class has been designed to instill confidence and trust in your ability to give birth, and help you to prepare both physically and emotionally for your birth experience.

You Will Learn About:

  • Understanding and working with the contractions in labor
  • Making informed choices about medical interventions
  • Using relaxation to manage labor discomfort
  • Labor companionship and comfort measures
  • How our beliefs and attitudes affect our experience of birth
  • Healing past emotional trauma to facilitate normal birth
  • Option for your birth and birth planning
  • Breastfeeding
  • Primal Health, Nutrition, and Exercise
  • Mother-Baby Skin-to-Skin contact
  • And more…

Birthworks® is for:

Anyone preparing for birth, new parents, and those with previous vaginal or cesarean birth experiences. All learn together, support and share with each other in the same class settings. Birthworks® can be taken anytime during pregnancy.

The Classes are taught by:

Natalie Amparan, mother of 2 children with one on the way, and a certified Birthworks® educator. She has experiences both a Cesarean birth and a natural VBAC birth. With her experiences, she desires for woman to become educated about their choices in birth, empowering them to make their own choices about what is right for them. Her classes are taught with love and no judgment about where, when and how a woman chooses to give birth.

Classes meet:

For 8 weeks in Georgetown, Texas at Central Texas Birth Center. Contact Natalie for more information on the upcoming series at 512-909-1561 or visit us at .

Next class starts on February 6th at 7pm!

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