What does a third time mom have in her homebirth kit?

With less than 2 weeks to me third son’s expected due date, I have finalized my preparations for his pending arrival.

I have planned another homebirth with my awesome midwife, Heather Hilton from Central Texas Birth Center in Georgetown Texas. If you have read my previous two birth stories, you will know that this is my third homebirth attempt, but no homebirth has actually been achieved.

Nevertheless, I have experience in planning and almost having two babies at home, so I can tell you that there are some things I think are important to have on hand and some things that just didn’t get used.

Every birth is different so you really never know how this one will be compared to your other ones, or to a friends so there are those things you might have around that don’t get used even when you used it at another birth.

I have a friend who loves and sells essential oils and she had every oil potentially needed set up for you birth but because her birth happened so quickly, none of the oils got used and none were needed. It happens.

The great thing about a homebirth kit is that you don’t have to gather all those personal items like cloths and toiletries since you won’t be leaving your home. It is a good idea to gather everything else together in some fashion to help those attending to you easily find them. I have a couple of shelves that I have gathered almost everything on and labeled anything of question.

The biggest difference between the prep for my first homebirth and this one is that I am way less concern about this one having a plan, since I know that plans are just that, plans.

In my birth kit this time I have the following:

  • Birth Tub (borrowed from CTBC)


  • Birth tub liner
  • Heavy duty liner from Lowes to go under birth tub
  • 2 Light duty liner from Lowes to go over mattress
    • You create a sandwich with nice sheets on bottom, liner, bad sheets, liner and bad sheets. This way when I layer needs to be changed there is still another layer to protect the bed. When birth is done that layer can be removed and you have a nice clean bed to crawl into.
  • Duck tape to hold down all liners


  • Birth kit from “In His Hands Birth Supply”
    • This is my midwife’s specific kit which includes gloves, chux, pads, herbal bath, foot printer, and other disposable medical items my midwife does not bring herself.


  • Lavender Epsom salt for the bath or birth tub to relieve muscle tension and relax the mind
  • Food item (plus other stuff I have in the fridge)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (for clean-up)
  • Dermoplast for after birth


  • Bach’s essential rescue remedy fast acting spray to use during any mental freak-outs.


  • Homemade hot pack made with rice (heat up in the microwave for 2 minutes


  • Camera with extra batteries


But far and away, the most essential thing that I have prepared for my birth is the below list that will be printed out in duplicates for anyone attending my birth. This is my personal list (not a birth plan) that will help other’s know my wishes and help me remember things I want to do. I really advocate doing your own because all those “plans” you have in your head go right out the window when you enter labor land. You will forget do all those things you planned so carefully for, all those wonderful words of wisdom from your childbirth educator, and every last bit of the advise you read in books.


Natalie’s Wishes

Please read fully before entering birthing area!

Please remember the following:

  • I DO NOT WANT to know how many cm I am dilated (don’t whisper to one another)
  • I DO NOT WANT to know the time
  • Keep atmosphere joyous and upbeat
  • Encourage mom to express her feelings

Before going to the hospital did I try:

  • A glass of wine
  • Knee chest position
  • Going outside in the backyard
  • Praying
  • Rescue Remedy Spray
  • Katniss… Remember who the real enemy is

Suggestions for encouraging me to change positions

  • Instead of saying “would you like to change positions” say
  • “If you think you would like to get off the bed and sit on the toilet, after the next contraction, I’ll put your arm around me and help you stand up. Then we will walk to the bathroom and you can see if sitting on the toilet feels good to you.”

During my labor please remind me of the following things

  • Relaxed jaw
  • Relaxed hands
  • Smile
  • God’s grace is sufficient
  • Count backwards
  • Keep mobile as long as possible!!!
  • Slow, quiet, deep breathing
  • Ride the labor wave – don’t get pulled under by panic and fear
  • Relax – don’t resist
  • Fighting contractions make them painful and less effective
  • Relax into the contraction and look at it as pressure not pain
  • Each contractions brings you closer to meeting your Samuel
  • Once labor is over, so is the pain
  • Avoid thinking about future contractions
  • Once a contraction is over, it will never come back
  • This contraction is one down, moving me closer to my baby
  • Stay in the present

During my labor please suggest or help me do the follow positions if change is needed

  • Walking around the backyard or down the street
  • Sitting on the toilet
  • Birth Ball
  • Foot up on stool rotating hips around
  • Stair climbing
  • Hands and knee
  • Dancing
  • Pelvic rocking
  • Shifting side to side on birth ball (keep back tall and feet on ground)
  • Hands and knees moving forward and backwards
  • On knees leaning forward over pillows and rocking
  • Supported squatting position
  • Left side-lying
  • Positioning pillows for comfort

During my labor please do these things as I might forget

  • Pray out loud frequently and remind me to pray (see print out for help)
  • Turn on music!!!!
    • Pandora – Great Big World
    • Pandora – Relaxation Station
    • Phone – Childbirth in Glory (can be connected to radio that is on the cart)
  • Crockpot on “warm” with water. Place olive oil in small metal bowl and put on top of water. When crowning, use washcloth with warm oil for compress on perineum
  • Keeping feet warm
  • Hip squeeze/Rebozo
  • Warm showers/Birth pool
  • Urinate frequently
  • Cool cloth to head/neck
  • Massage/Light Touch
    • Only if I do not object
  • Warm packs/cloths on abdomen/back
    • With or without essential oils
    • Rice sock
  • Kissing, loving, cuddling

If I starts to panic during a contraction, remind me

  • Everything is fine
  • This is normal
  • You are strong and doing great
  • Let go
  • Breath (breath with her)


I have another print out with prayers and scriptures on them so they can be references if anyone needs any help with that.

So that is basically it. I have a bottle of light fruity wine chilling in the fridge just in case, some tums for heartburn and some ratty towels and sheets still in the closet that I will pull out when time draws near, but other than that, I don’t feel like I have missed anything essential (will update after my birth with what I did and did not use, and anything that I missed).

Hope this helps anyone out there planning a no fuss homebirth.


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