It’s A Girl!

So this is a very late announcement, but looking back over my blog I realized I made at least mentioned on my previous pregnancies. So here is goes…

My wonderful husband and I are expecting our 4th child, a girl, in May 2016.

We are so excited to be entering into the new journey of raising a girl. I have seen it done, but experience is the best teacher, so, to put if plainly, I am nervous as heck!

We are planning another homebirth with my wonderful midwives at Central Texas Birth Center, Heather Hilton and Salli Gonzalez. I am praying that this one goes as smooth as the last homebirth but without the postpartum NICU visit. I keep getting closer and closer, so this time…

Her brothers, Josiah 5, Aaron 3, and Samuel 1 are very excited to be getting a sister. When we went in for the ultrasound they (really just J & A) said they wanted a girl. Louis and I wanted one too, though a boy would have been a bit of a relief since we kind of already know that song and dance.

I went shopping last Wednesday at Salvation Army and bought 42 girls items from 0 – 12 months and spent a total of $21. You cannot beat that! I might just “have” to get a few pink cloth diapers to go with my already bountiful supply, but that is about it. We are ready.

Well, ready, but only 20 weeks, so we will have to wait. Cannot wait for the birth and cannot wait to hold her in my arms.



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