At the end of pregnancy: What I learn by waiting

When you are at the end of your pregnancy, you can only think of one thing. Done. Get this baby out of here.

At least if you’re me. I looked at my bed tonight as I was getting ready to get in it and gave it a big thumbs down. I had no desire to get into bed as I knew an uncomfortable slept awaited me. It’s hard to get around, you feel generally uncomfortable, and if you have other kids like me, you may find yourself a little bit short with them and maybe even your husband.

But here’s the awesome thing about waiting. When you wait, you have to fully lean i‏n on God to support you during the time when you want things to go. He can teach you that waiting is just another way to trust in him. We don’t know why we have to wait on good thing sometimes. Sometimes we have to wait because we don’t know what would happen if things happened when we wanted. It’s the old adage, if I left 5 minutes earlier I could have gotten into a car accident. We don’t know what God could be protecting us or our babies from. But sometimes waiting is just a great way to learn to lean on God and his timing and understanding and not our own.

This is been my experience this pregnancy at the end. I’m 39 weeks and 4 days and while I am not at my due date yet, I am surprised that I have not gone into labor. My last two babies had already come by now. My first two were well past their due dates, but I thought things would be quicker and quicker and quicker. Now I may go into labor tomorrow, yes please, but if I don’t I will continue to wait knowing that God has me and my baby in his hands. What a blessing to know that I have a God I can trust.

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