Class Outline

Six-Week Class Outline

Open Arms Childbirth classes are based on the philosophy that birth and faith go hand in hand. All the nuts and bolts about childbirth are included in this series, but faith is at the center of each lesson. The classes are interactive and experimental, providing both an academic an emotional preparation for birth.

The general order of topics covered in the six-week series is listed below but the presentation is flexible and responsive and may vary depending on the instructor and the need of her antenatal students. In addition to the core topics below, other topics relevant to birth are included.

Class 1 –

Building Birth on the Foundation, and Building a Righteous Team

We will get to know one another and talk about our feeling, fears and expectations for our births. We will also discuss nutrition and exercise and the value of having the right team around you

Class 2 –

Discerning What is Excellent – Drugs, procedures and complications

We will talk about various medical procedures, drugs, and complications and how to avoid interventions and stay low risk

Class 3 –

Alpha and Omega : Beginning (Middle) and End

We will dive into the nitty gritty of birth, from the first contraction to birth of your baby. We will also discuss labor “pain” and how to change your view on what you feel.

Class 4 –

Leaning In – Comfort Measures and Positions

We will talk about different positions and comfort measure for an easier natural birth

Class 5 –

Labor Simulation

Here we will experiment with early, labor and transition labor events, trying out different positions and comfort measures.

Class 6 –  

Parenting on the Rock – Postpartum, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care

Finally, in the sixth and last class, we will talk about the postpartum experiences, breastfeeding, and general newborn care.

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