OBGYN North – In Hospital Option That Won’t Leave You Without Any Options


As part of my childbirth education training I am required to interview hospitals, birth centers, homebirth midwives, and OBGYNs that could be a possible place to recommend to my future students. So far, I have visited Austin Area Birth Center, Central Texas Birth Center, Cedar Park Medical Center, North Austin Medical Center, and OBGYN North.

The two birthing centers are clear choices if you want to go natural without any intervention. The midwives there are dedicated, caring, and good at what they do.

But what if you want to or need to have your baby in a hospital so you can have access to technology or pain relief.

Many hospitals in the area are pushing, cold, and firm when it comes to their strict rules. You must, for instance, at Cedar Park Medical Center, be connected to electronic fetal monitoring at all time, have an IV, are not allowed to eat or drink. The doctors that serve there have typical high C-section rates and induce and augment regularly.

On the other hand, OBGYN North, serving at North Austin Medical Center is a doctor/midwife practice that encourages woman to move around during labor, uses intermittent fetal monitoring, allows eating and drinking, showering, and practices delayed cord clamping.

Plus, with a low 11% C-section rate, is a great option for in hospital births.

OBGYN North also allow post dating to 42 weeks and laboring longer than most standard practices. Of course, with any pregnancy, things can change and what is believed to be best for mother and baby will always take priority, but with such a supportive staff and environment, you chances of having a natural birth at OBGYN North are much higher.

OBGYN North also just recently opened a birthing center right next door to the main practice where you can birth in the water and has all the regular amenities of a traditional free standing birth center just right across the street from North Austin Medical Center. They also now offer Nitrous Oxide to help get laboring women through those difficult times, if necessary.

I used to believe that the only way to give birth naturally was at home or in a free standing birth center.

I am now persuaded that OBGYN North is a great alternative for those wishing to birth their babies in the hospital.






There is a Bible verse that says “haste makes mistakes”. Judgment falls into this. When we judge, we make the assumption that we are or will do things differently.

In childbirth and parenting we usually judge before actually having first hands experience. We watch “A Baby Story” and say to ourselves “that will never be me”. I will never be the woman screaming in pain. I will never be the lady that births in a pool. I’ll never have C-Section, or an epidural. I will do it natural; I will be in control.

In parenting, we do the same thing. We have goods intentions by planning and believing, but often times our beliefs turn into ammunition for judging someone else’s.

It is only after we have had our butts tossed off our high horse that we find humility.

To clarify, I am not saying to not have standards or make provisions. Do! Just be sure that yours don’t become a weapon.  I personally have learned this lesson the hard way. I now have learned and choose to not live in the world of “elite” thinking. I now live in the world of knowledge with chose.

My goal as a soon to be childbirth educator will be just that. Give people the knowledge but then give them the freedom from judgment to chose. Chose for themselves what is best or what just makes them more comfortable.

Losing the judgment allows for you and others to make mistakes with out being shamed in the process.

The Birth Story of Aaron Avram

Aaron was finally here!

After waiting 40 weeks and 2 days I couldn’t believe that he was actually in my arms. Throughout pregnancy I knew a baby grew inside me but until that little bundle of joy was in my arms it just never seems that real to me.

Getting to this place was a long road filled with struggles, doubts, and fears. Learning was a major goal and my desire was for a peaceful vaginal home birth after my first more traumatic C-section.

I just knew this time would be different.

Well, it was different, but not in the way I expected and probably, if I am being honest with myself, not the ideal situation. I will say this before I give more details, though; every experience in life, whether good or bad, is a learning experiences use by God to strengthen us. I believe that I am being put through the fires of life’s trials so that I can be purified into the preciousness my God desires of me.

My experience with Aaron’s birth was 100x better than the first, but I hoped for a perfectly positive experience and I did not get exactly that.

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Kegal Exercises: Are they really necessary?

Throughout my research about birth I am continuity confronted with the topic of Kegal exercises as preparation for childbirth and postpartum recovery. I rarely, if not ever, put any weight on these exercises and just though it as an unnecessary practice only the super fanatical did.
Well, I have learned my lesson and I hope to help others take the matter more seriously. I am still only about 3 weeks postpartum now and know that the situation will improve with time, but I am experiences a case of uterine/cervical prolapse. This is when the uterus/cervix dips down into your vagina (to varying degrees) and in very sever cases, out of the vagina all together. Most woman that experiences it though only have a slight prolapse. This is usually cause by weak muscles supporting the uterus/cervix. In my case, I am almost certain that it was brought on by my first birth and then exacerbated by the final phase of my second birth (birth story still to come). I am currently still on partial bed rest and having to do Kegal exercises as often as possible which makes caring for my family a bit tougher than I ever anticipated with a vaginal birth.
Avoid postpartum issues by doing the leg work during the time when you don’t have a newborn to care for. I was so ready to have my pregnancy over because I was uncomfortable having no idea that the discomfort I would feel postpartum would make being pregnant seem like a walk in the park.
Kegal exercises can also help with avoiding or mitigating:

  • Urinary incontinences
  • Hemorrhoids