Pain in Childbirth?


Many enter into pregnancy with much excitement and anticipation for the joyous arrival of their baby. There is only one small problem. They have to survive birth to get there!

Fear of childbirth is a common concern for first time moms-to-be or other that have had a previous traumatic experiences. Many have been told horror stories of bad births, watched films and TV shows depicting birth as dangerous, or have no knowledge about the birth process leaving them scared of the unknown.

In reality, these are the very fears that can lead you to a bad birth experience. They may make you choice a risky surgery to avoid labor all together, lower your confidence in your bodies ability, and increase your risk for unnecessary interventions.

These fears also lead to tension in your body that can cause labor to be painful, long and possibly more complicated.

This does not have to be the case, though. These fears can be released, a new view on normal birth can be developed and building confidence in yourself to birth your baby naturally can lead you to a peaceful, joyful and safe birth experience, wherever you choice to birth your baby.

In Open Arms Childbirth classes, we will walk step by step through these processes so that you will see that birth is not something to be feared and is not just a means to an end. At the end of the 6 week series, you will actually find yourself looking forward to your labor and delivery.

Birth can be an empowering experience that takes you to new levels of confidence that will translate perfectly into your new role as mother.

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